Few things are worse than becoming too disabled to work, but having your long-term disability insurance claim denied or terminated is one of those things.  Having an injury or sickness which limits or prevents your ability to work in your occupation creates a litany of personal and professional issues, not the least of which is whether you will succeed in obtaining your benefits.  For more than 20 years, the attorneys at Schwartz, Conroy & Hack have been protecting professionals throughout New York and the United States, making sure those professionals receive their long-term disability benefits and preventing their long-term disability benefits from being cut off.  We currently represent more than 300 professionals all over the country in the following areas of long-term disability insurance:

  • Long-term disability claims consultation
  • Preparation and submission of long-term disability claims
  • Preventing termination of long-term disability claims
  • Representation during field interviews
  • IME/EME management
  • ERISA appeals
  • Getting denied or terminated claims reinstated
  • Obtaining lump sum settlements of long-term disability claims without lawsuits
  • Long-term disability lawsuits in federal and state court
  • Long-term disability lawsuit trials and appeals
  • Representing private practices in connection with a partner or owner who is suffering from a long-term disability

If you are considering filing a long-term disability claim, are in the middle of the long-term disability claims process and are experiencing difficulty, want advice concerning your long-term disability policies and the potential for filing of a claim, need to file a long-term disability lawsuit, or have any questions concerning this unique area of the law, contact Schwartz, Conroy & Hack for a free consultation.

Dear Michail: Thank you and your firm so much for adeptly handling my long-term disability claim. Not only were you able to overcome the initial insurance company denial but your work ultimately resulted in the insurance company buying out my claim. You and your paralegal, Ginny Wielgus, gathered and organized all of my medical evidence… Read More “Long-Term Disability Insurance Client – COO Financial Technology Firm”

COO Financial Technology Firm

Hi Michail and Evan!
Thank you for the great news yesterday that my benefits were re-instated. I was very happily surprised 🙂 Our whole family went out to celebrate. We had some tasty mexican food and it was really nice to have some closure on the insurance issue. We’re a pretty close family so… Read More “Long-Term Disability Insurance Client – Dentist”


Florida Dentist It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation to other prospective clients of Quadrino Schwartz. I was a practicing General Dentist for 15 years when I began to have trouble with neck and arm pain. I was soon diagnosed with a Radiculopathy requiring rather invasive surgery. After exploring my… Read More “Long-Term Disability Insurance – Dentist – Florida”

General Dentist

Michail Hack has been a Godsend to me and my family. When I became very sick a well-known insurance carrier denied my disability claim and refused to pay the benefit that I had purchased from my employer. I was unable to defend myself and very distraught after conferring with several law firms that were recommended… Read More “Long-Term Disability Insurance Client – Bank Executive – Colorado”

A grateful Colorado Bank Executive

A company made an error in how they sold me my long-term disability insurance policy and they offered me a lump sum settlement. I did not fully understand the offer or the basis for the amount of the proposed offer. A colleague recommended that I contact Evan Schwartz at Schwartz, Conroy & Hack. Evan Schwartz and Scott… Read More “Long Term Disability Insurance Client – Physician – New York”

Physician–New York

Desperate and devastated with everything to lose, I put my life in the hands of Evan and Michail on faith. In my heart I always believed they would deliver, and they did. Coming to the realization that I actually couldn’t do my work anymore was an exceedingly painful and draining process. But receiving a denial… Read More “Long-Term Disability Insurance – Lawyer – Oklahoma”

Lawyer – Oklahoma

Before choosing Schwartz law I was overwhelmed and confused about the whole LTD process and wanted to make sure I wasn’t making any wrong decisions for me and my family. Every law firm that I previously spoke with advised me that they would get a percentage of up to 40% of any compensation that I… Read More “Long-Term Disability Insurance Client – Telecommunications Manager”

Telecommunications Manager

Dear Michail: Now that we have cleared what seems to be the last major hurdle in obtaining my long-term disability benefits, I wanted to take the time to write this brief e-mail to you to thank you for what you have done for me and my husband. Given my neurological diagnosis, it was initially hard… Read More “Long-Term Disability Insurance Client – Attorney”


Thank you for successfully handling a long-term disability lawsuit for me. When I first spoke to Evan Schwartz, my insurance company was suing me for fraud and my current lawyer was telling me to give up my case against the insurance company and walk away from my claim or risk going to jail. But nothing… Read More “Long-Term Disability Insurance Client – Chiropractor”


After practicing law for many years, it became clear that the multitude of my illnesses were preventing me from being effective as a lawyer. I had no experience with long-term disability claims, and the policies I owned for many years were vague and confusing. Evan Schwartz at Schwartz, Conroy & Hack explained exactly what the policies meant… Read More “Long Term Disability Insurance Client – Lawyer – New York”

Lawyer — New York

As a dentist with a private practice knowing I had no choice but to file a long-term disability claim, hiring the right law firm was one of the most important decisions I needed to make. I couldn’t have made a better decision to choose Evan Schwartz and his firm. From the moment I placed myself… Read More “Long-Term Disability Insurance Client – Dentist”


I was a professional pilot for my entire adult life when I was diagnosed with a medical condition affecting my eyesight which ended my flying career. I had a private disability policy with an insurance company that was nationally known for its unethical claims practices. Thankfully, I turned to Michail Hack to help me negotiate… Read More “Long-Term Disability Insurance Client – Commercial Airline Pilot”

Commercial Airline Pilot

Once a high functioning sales and trading VP at a bulge bracket investment bank, I began to really struggle emotionally esp. after the ongoing stresses of some devastating family health issues became unbearable. I kept working until my memory and cognitive functions completely gave out, and I mercifully was asked to leave. Rudderless and with… Read More “Long Term Disability Client – Trading VP, Bulge Bracket Investment Bank – New Jersey”

Trading VP, Bulge Bracket Investment Bank (original job in New Jersey)

After being stonewalled with the insurance company handling my disability claim, I decided the thing that I needed was an advocate to speak on my behalf directly to them. After initially listening to my explanation of my claim and subsequent handling by the insurance company, Evan Schwartz took over and literally handled everything with his… Read More “Long-Term Disability Insurance Client – Sales Representative”

Sales Representative

Applying for disability, even when the need has become obvious to both yourself and those around you, is not necessarily an easy decision. In my case it meant having to walk away from a long-term career that I loved, and, as is probably true for most people facing a disability and having to make a… Read More “Long-Term Disability Insurance Client – Law Firm Partner”

Law Firm Partner

Thank you all so very much for everything that you’ve done (and continue to do) on my behalf. I selected your firm after my best friend vetted dozens of firms across the country on my behalf. It turns out to have been one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. I wasn’t exactly at… Read More “Long-Term Disability Insurance Client – Assistant Controller/ Director Financial Institute”

Assistant Controller/ Director Financial Institute

As former president and chief executive officer of a large, publicly traded company, I understand the need to hire good attorneys. When an illness prevented me from continuing to work and my long-term disability insurance companies started giving me a hard time, I knew it was time to find quality lawyers to protect my interests.… Read More “Long-Term Disability Insurance Client — CEO — tri-state region”

CEO — tri-state region

After 20 years as an ER Doc I developed terrible insomnia and finally got a diagnosis of shift work sleep disorder, a relatively new illness. As there is no test specific to this illness, and given how new the whole field of sleep medicine was, I knew that filing a disability claim was going to… Read More “Long-Term Disability Insurance – Emergency Room Physician”

Emergency Room Physician

As Vice President of a large brokerage firm, I did anticipate having a problem with Hartford Insurance Company and, for that reason, I was advised to apply for long-term disability through a reputable law firm. It was the best advice I could have received and, if not for the efforts of Michail Hack and the… Read More “Long-Term Disability Insurance Client – V.P. Brokerage Firm”

V.P. Brokerage Firm

We as a society are not prepared to deal with catastrophic illness, and although I was smart enough to have taken out a Long-term Disability policy in my thirties, the third-party administrator for the policy has a reputation for being unethical. After my fourth case manager in four years, it became evident that the firm… Read More “Long Term Disability Client – California”

Long Term Disability Client – California

I consider it a privilege to write this testimonial to tell any disabled professional to use Evan Schwartz and his team to assist you when you have a long-term disability claim. As a high functioning, hard charging business executive, it was devastating to me when a serious neurologic condition rendered me unable to work. The… Read More “Long-Term Disability Insurance Client – Business Executive – Colorado”

Business Executive – Colorado

During the most trying part of my life, Schwartz, Conroy & Hack’s attorneys were fighting for my life. I was physically just barely up on my own two feet, with a diagnosis proving to be progressive and threatening my future capabilities. Being diagnosed and suffering with fibromyalgia and spinal issues, surely to get worse, I felt as… Read More “Long Term Care Client – New York”

Long Term Care Client – New York

My disability worsened over a period of years. My ability to work got increasingly difficult. After many visits to my doctor, it was determined that the best option would be to file for disability thru my insurance company. Although I had much medical data to back up my claim, I was having a hard time… Read More “Long-Term Disability Insurance Client – Dentist”