Long-Term Disability Insurance Client – Attorney

Dear Michail: Now that we have cleared what seems to be the last major hurdle in obtaining my long-term disability benefits, I wanted to take the time to write this brief e-mail to you to thank you for what you have done for me and my husband. Given my neurological diagnosis, it was initially hard for me to believe that my long-term disability insurance carrier denied my claim.

After I stopped cursing the insurance company, I began to take action. My husband and I carefully researched all of the attorneys in our area who dealt specifically with ERISA governed long-term disability claims and you and your firm’s name kept on coming up on the top of the list. We knew that we needed attorneys who specialized in ERISA claims, which is something neither of us had more than a passing knowledge of. As we are both attorneys, you know we were only going to go with a firm that we were confident would work as hard for us as we would work for our clients, and one that the insurance companies would know (and hopefully fear) as successful litigators in this area.

You answered all of our questions, and addressed all of our concerns. We both felt comfortable with you, and confident in your knowledge and your plan to obtain the benefits we were entitled to. You, and your staff, were always available to us to provide information and answer questions. Best of all, you were able to obtain my benefits for me without resorting to a long and costly litigation. You provided the insurance company no alternative but to accept the facts that proved our position. Thank you again. If you ever need a recommendation, please have your potential new client call me.