Long Term Care Client – New York

During the most trying part of my life, Schwartz, Conroy & Hack’s attorneys were fighting for my life. I was physically just barely up on my own two feet, with a diagnosis proving to be progressive and threatening my future capabilities.

Being diagnosed and suffering with fibromyalgia and spinal issues, surely to get worse, I felt as if I stood on an island completely alone. In addition, personal issues arose that would put me in a very vulnerable position financially, with no assistance medically at home. My heart felt like it would give up the fight.

For years, I fought the insurance company to get paid with the assistance of my partner, who no longer stood by my side consistently. Now, my island surely was isolated.

I had Schwartz, Conroy & Hack fighting for me in every possible way. My experience with an attorney on another front proved to be not only incompetent but didn’t value me as a person or a client. I certainly had to put all my faith in one place with many doubts whether anyone really had my back.

Michail Hack, Evan Schwartz and their team proved all my fears to be unfounded. From the day I first met Mr. Hack, I was pretty sure he would value my situation and me. Circumstances arose mid-stream that would cause more doubt I would be taken care of the way I deserved. After losing my job, and my only personal support, and in declining health, I was not very hopeful, but Evan Schwartz, Michail Hack and Matthew Conroy fought even harder. I believe they fought for ME, as much as they wanted to be successful for the firm. With my personal circumstances becoming more difficult, they had to work harder at protecting me. I was discouraged and exhausted.

I never dreamed Mr. Schwartz, Michail Hack and Matthew Conroy would rally around me, right to the successful end of this awful journey, and fight harder and with integrity and compassion to make sure I received the help I deserved. Their persistence and skill in my lawsuit forced a powerful Insurance Company to give in, an insurance company who until then was doing everything to make sure I would end up with nothing and completely indigent. The day we together settled my case was like having 3 angels sitting around me and. They made sure I received what I deserved and to feel I was completed protected by them.

Their staff was professional, kind, efficient and always made me feel valued, from Lisa, Ginny, and Angela to every other member of the Schwartz, Conroy & Hack team.

I will always feel a bond with Mr. Hack, Mr. Schwartz and Mr. Conroy… in addition to their staff.

In the most challenging period of my life physically and emotionally, they were my rocks, filled with knowledge, commitment and compassion. I am forever grateful.