Long-Term Disability Insurance Client – Telecommunications Manager

Before choosing Schwartz, Conroy & Hack I was overwhelmed and confused about the whole LTD process and wanted to make sure I wasn’t making any wrong decisions for me and my family. Every law firm that I previously spoke with advised me that they would get a percentage of up to 40% of any compensation that I was entitled to. This made me even more concerned about my current physical and monetary situation. I had just been through over a year of chiropractors, epidurals, back stretchers and ultimately back surgery and was still suffering and out of work.

I met Evan for a free consultation the Garden City office and he immediately made me feel very comfortable. He explained that for my situation it would be best for me pay on a per-diem basis and that there would be no additional cost. Throughout the process I have found that the overall cost was very reasonable. Evan was very sincere and assured me that he and his firm would do their best for me. During our conversation he explained many employer and employee laws and information which the average person is not aware of or familiar with which helped me with my decision making.

Choosing to work with Evan and his staff was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Every interaction with anyone from the firm was always pleasant and professional. Everyone from the administrative staff including Ginny and Lisa are always pleasant and receptive. I must mention Michail Hack and Maria Campese (the Wizards), these two clearly displayed that they’re masters of the law and the processes involved in LTD litigation and they’ll fight for you using the law. If you’re entitled to it they’ll get it for you.