Long-Term Disability Insurance Client – Chiropractor

Thank you for successfully handling a long-term disability lawsuit for me. When I first spoke to Evan Schwartz, my insurance company was suing me for fraud and my current lawyer was telling me to give up my case against the insurance company and walk away from my claim or risk going to jail. But nothing about my case was fraudulent and I was disabled.

Mr. Schwartz evaluated my case at no cost to me and told me that walking away would be a big mistake, that accusing me of fraud was nothing more than an insurance company strong-arm tactic, that I was entitled to money from the insurance company and I did not commit any fraud nor did I commit a crime.

Mr. Schwartz and the firm agreed to take over my case on a contingency fee basis. Harold Levy, the principal attorney responsible for my case, was smart, aggressive, prompt and kept me in the loop about everything that was going on. Mr. Schwartz and Mr. Levy completely turned my case around and obtained a settlement for me on very favorable terms in a reasonably short amount of time.

Mr. Levy and I have remained in contact as friends ever since. I was blessed to have found Quadrino Schwartz and blessed to have hired them to protect and enforce my rights to obtain the money the insurance company never would have paid me without them.. They lived up to their motto: “We make insurance companies keep their promises.”