In our ever-increasing life in the cyber world, cyber insurance has become an important component to protect all businesses. And it couldn’t come at a more important time.

The digital universe is teeming with scammers and attackers. Phishing scams, email spoofs, malware, ransomware, hacks and attacks are constantly seeking to, and succeeding in, breaching the security of our data.

Cyber insurance is now covering businesses against Internet-based liability and the risks associated with it. The first party coverage under cyber insurance policies protects against direct losses to your business, and the third-party coverage affords your business protection for claims and legal action taken by customers, vendors, and partners who get harmed by a cyber breach.

Some of the coverage provided by cyber insurance includes data breaches, identity theft, personal data theft, business interruption, and fraudulent hacks and scams involving funds transfers. The costs associated with a cyber loss can be daunting and crippling to your business.

If your insurance policy disputes or refuses to cover those losses, devastation to your business can ensue. At Schwartz, Conroy & Hack, we understand how these policies work and have over 25 years of experience making insurance companies keep the promises they made to you and your business.
Recent court decisions have expanded the coverage available to your business as a result of cyber losses. If your business experiences a cyber loss and your insurance company is denying or disputing the claims arising from the loss, contact us to discuss the best strategy to make the insurance company keep its promises.