Long-Term Disability Insurance – Lawyer – Oklahoma

Desperate and devastated with everything to lose, I put my life in the hands of Evan and Michail on faith. In my heart I always believed they would deliver, and they did.

Coming to the realization that I actually couldn’t do my work anymore was an exceedingly painful and draining process. But receiving a denial letter from the insurance company who was supposed to be the safety net I had in the worst time in my life was like being brutally beaten when I was already down. Like in most other circumstances in my new reality I had to admit I needed help.

I am not an easy person to work with, and the course of events left me unsure of who to trust in what I believe is an ethically bankrupt insurance system. I did a lot of research but I struggled to make decisions about what was ultimately in my best interest. Because of that, I ended up vetting 5 different law firms.

As an attorney, I could immediately tell that many firms advertising “leading practice” credentials were wholly unqualified–I found myself correcting several oblivious junior attorneys in consultations. But what I noticed from the beginning of my experience with Evan and Michail was that they were truly GENIUS attorneys in this field. I was never once punted to a junior associate. They treated me with the utmost respect from the beginning, and I admit at times I wasn’t the same way toward them. I was afraid. I didn’t want to be abused by the system anymore.

Ultimately I bought in, and they took it from there. I can state that as someone who has been on the opposite side of the attorney/client table, transparency and honesty are the most important things in this relationship. I never once felt like they were anything other than transparent and honest. When I wanted the truth on our odds and options, it was provided to me. And at every point in this process I really believed these guys were the BEST people I could have on my side. I never once doubted that if we somehow lost this appeal, they would win for me in litigation.

I’m going through this process again next year. I have to. Its the way my policy is structured. And I will 100% invest my future in their hands.

I can unequivocally state that if you’re in the desperate and devastating position of filing for disability insurance, these guys are the ONLY people you should hire.