Long-Term Disability Insurance – Dentist – Florida

Florida Dentist It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation to other prospective clients of Quadrino Schwartz. I was a practicing General Dentist for 15 years when I began to have trouble with neck and arm pain. I was soon diagnosed with a Radiculopathy requiring rather invasive surgery. After exploring my surgical options and the risks associated, it was decided that I would take time off work to try to recover .

My single doctor very busy practice simply could not stand to be left alone for more than a few weeks and the decision to sell the practice was made. Thinking that my disability policy would cover me during this time, I simply filled out the paperwork and submitted my claim. My insurance carrier did nothing for 6 months when they decided to simply deny my claim despite extensive medical documentation of my injury. I now knew I needed a lawyer to help me. Quadrino Schwartz was hired and Michail Hack took over my case.

Despite me living thousands of miles away, from the very beginning his guidance was reassuring and he quickly developed a plan of action. The law firm continued to medically document my case, took over communication with the insurance company and let me concentrate on other things. After many phone conversations and countless letters written by the firm to my insurer, Quadrino Schwartz was able to obtain all of my benefits for me including 2 years of back pay.

What I know now is that I should have sought out counsel from the beginning of my claim. I would encourage any dentist to look at their options when it comes to an attorney and ask simply do they have the experience to navigate what is likely the most important case of their lives. Mr. Hack and the firm simply knew exactly how to proceed from the very beginning and did so without hesitation. Hiring Quadrino Schwartz has made a huge difference to myself and my family and I am always grateful for all the hard work they put in for my case.