When your insurance company denies, disputes, or short pays your business insurance claim, you may have a claim against the insurance company for doing so in bad faith. 

For the business insurance policy holder, bad faith is a very powerful tool, but it is an extraordinarily complex area of the law.

Bad faith is a creature of state law. So before a qualified attorney can even determine  whether the possibility of bad faith conduct by the insurance company occurred, the attorney must first determine what state law applies to the insurance claim/dispute, and whether that state has any bad faith law. Many  states simply do not have any bad faith law, and for those that do, the remedies available to the policyholder, and the methodology to go about proving the claim, vary dramatically.

Nonetheless, it is always a worthy task for a policyholder and their attorney to evaluate the possibility of a bad faith clam when the insurance company is not doing the right thing. 

The attorneys at Schwartz, Conroy & Hack have, for more than 25 years, pursued and litigated bad faith claims on behalf of insurance policy holders in various states across the country We can quickly size up the situation and determine whether the possibility of bad faith claim exists, and how best to pursue it to maximize the outcome for you, the insured.