Long Term Disability Client – California

We as a society are not prepared to deal with catastrophic illness, and although I was smart enough to have taken out a Long-term Disability policy in my thirties, the third-party administrator for the policy has a reputation for being unethical.

After my fourth case manager in four years, it became evident that the firm was trying all they could to stop my disability payments, and I was referred to Evan Schwartz and his team to handle the situation to reduce the stress and uncertainty being experienced.

Living on the opposite coast did not prove difficult at all. The ease by which Evan and his team understood the situation, took over, notified the third-party administrator, and removed me from the picture was the first step in an eight (8) year relationship that was supportive, pro-active and provided me wise counsel.

Each time the insurance administrator attempted to terminate coverage under false pretense, the response was not only a hard-hitting reminder of the basic facts in the case, it also reminded the insurer of their fiduciary obligation to me as the policyholder and their lack of good faith.

It was the smartest decision I made. I focused on health related issues and Evan provided substantial peace of mind, knowing my back was covered. Schwartz, Conroy & Hack had seen all of the underhanded tactics before, he was smarter than the insurer. I found the firm to be “Top notch with people I could trust.”