Episode 12: Recent Trends and Common Insurance Coverage Problems In Personal Injury

In the latest episode of The Insurance Lawyer, Evan Schwartz sat down with Richard A. Dubi, a CPA and the esteemed founder of the Law Offices of Richard A. Dubi, PC.

Specializing in personal injury, Richard has helped countless clients navigate cases ranging from motor vehicle accidents to professional malpractice claims and construction site incidents. During their conversation, Richard shared his insights into evolving trends in personal injury law, such as the growing influence of social media in investigations and the rise in claims related to emotional damage.

He also discussed the challenges involved in securing coverage in personal injury cases and recounted a particularly complex case involving an Uber driver. As an experienced litigator with personal attention to his clients, Richard embodies the benefits of choosing a boutique firm for representation.

Lower verdicts in personal injury cases are leading to greater use of mediations and arbitrations as alternatives to court trials. The shift underscores the importance of choosing an experienced personal injury lawyer, skilled in trial proceedings and adept at navigating coverage issues to ensure justice for their clients.

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