Life Insurance: Widow’s Denied Claim Reversed Without The Need For A Lawsuit


We obtained a large settlement from a life insurance company for a widow who had received a series of conflicting letters and invoices from her husband’s life insurer while he was ill and dying. She made one payment, as the insurer requested, but was then told that more was owed and that the policy would lapse if she could not make more payments. Exasperated, in crisis, and completely out of money, she could not pay what the insurer demanded. Shortly thereafter, her husband died and the insurer alleged that policy lapsed because of her failure to pay the amount of premiums by the deadline indicated in the letters and invoices.

After speaking with a number of attorneys who told her that they could not help, she found us. We immediately identified a number of technical — but legally important — defects in the insurance company’s letters and invoices. After our investigation, we also determined that the insurer’s demanded premium amounts were incorrect.

Instead of filing a lawsuit, we embarked upon an effort to get the insurance company to change its decision and pay the widow the proceeds immediately, which she needed to stay in her home and meet her expenses. Through a series of lengthy letters detailing all of the legal arguments and issues, we convinced the insurer to settle the claim on very favorable terms for our client. By seeking the resolution in this manner, prior to filing a lawsuit, we saved the client a significant amount in legal fees and obtained the money promptly, avoiding a foreclosure on her home and securing her financial future.


Evan S. Schwartz
Founder of Schwartz, Conroy & Hack