Seizure Of Assets—TRO Dissolved


We proved to a federal judge that her order to freeze our client’s assets was wrong, and succeeded in having her immediately vacate the order.

Our client was sued by a group of nationally known insurance companies for fraud and racketeering. At the very beginning of the lawsuit, without notifying any of the other parties in the proceedings, the insurance companies convinced a federal judge to freeze our client’s assets. This action could have destroyed his business.

We were in court the very next day to vigorously challenge both the insurance company and the judge, knowing that our adversaries had taken this action without good reason.

Even when the federal judge told us that she would not change her mind the day after issuing this order, we knew we were right and we succeeded in defending our client. We convinced the judge to change her ruling and she lifted the freeze that same day, freeing millions of dollars for our client and allowing his business to continue its normal operations.


Evan S. Schwartz
Founder of Schwartz, Conroy & Hack