UNUM Targets Its Most Disabled Claimants


In a recent nationwide scheme, UNUM is ratcheting up its scrutiny of insureds who have been disabled for extended periods of time, resulting in claim terminations and buyout offers.

UNUM consists of many different insurance companies, including the following:

  • Paul Revere Life Insurance Company
  • Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company
  • First Unum Life Insurance Company of New York
  • UNUM Insurance Company of America

In addition, UNUM has bought and administers blocks of long-term disability insurance for certain other companies, including New York Life Insurance Company.


UNUM’s Extended Duration Unit

Over the years, UNUM approved claims for many thousands of disabled individuals insured under these policies and then placed them in what they call their Extended Duration Unit, or EDU. The EDU is a place where claims receive minimal scrutiny because the company has determined that they are liable to pay these claimants on a long-term basis, most likely through the maximum benefit period under their policies.


UNUM’s “Scrub” Process

In recent weeks, however, EDU claimants across the country are receiving increased scrutiny by UNUM as a result of its plan to “scrub” the Extended Duration Unit. UNUM’s goal is to get rid of as many of these claimants as possible, either by terminating their benefits or buying out their policies.

If you are a long-term disability claimant receiving benefits from a UNUM company, the scrub process typically begins either with a phone call or a letter from a claims representative requesting an “annual” telephone interview. That interview will be followed up by a request for updated information. This is the start of a process that is likely to lead to either a termination of your benefits or a buyout offer.

For anyone who believes they are now caught in this process, feel free to contact our office to discuss your rights and your options.


Evan S. Schwartz
Founder of Schwartz, Conroy & Hack