Health Insurance Claims – Physician

About 8 years ago I was hit with a diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer and was given a 40% chance of a 5-year survival rate. Fortunately, I had kept up payments for an individual disability policy with a major carrier, payments for which began three months after disability started. One night I was alarmed by a late night commercial from a law firm stating “If you have been denied payments or payments have been dropped by your carrier for an illness which has not resolved–call this 800 number”.

That carrier was mine. Well, long story short I didn’t call that number but used Google to see who would best represent me vis a vis my carrier (the 800 number was clearly a referral service only) and found that Michail Hack’s firm had extensive dealings with my carrier, including a class action. I’m pretty certain that I too would have had benefits wrongly dropped while I remained disabled (as I am to this day) without Mr. Hack’s and his law firm’s excellent and highly professional handling of my case. Michail is not only a highly competent lawyer but has also become a personal friend.

He has made sure that proper testing and documents were proactively provided to my carrier so that there could be no question of my continuing disability and my carrier never once attempted to think of ceasing monthly payments–payments which are legally due me under the terms of my policy. I have had other legal matters arise in the past few years for which Mr. Hack and his law firm handled in a most professional and timely manner and which saved me a lot of unnecessary stress, cost and needless travel across the country.

I can’t recommend Mr. Hack and his firm any more highly. They are thoroughly trained in their chosen field and stand ready to offer a vast experience to needy clients like myself. I often tell Mr. Hack he is offering me vital and necessary representation. What I call an ‘insurance against my insurance”. I can sleep well at night knowing he is just a phone call away if problems arise, He has even flown to my town to meet with myself and a rep from my insurance company.