$1 Million Swing: No Refund for You


A chiropractor was sued by 2 insurance companies for over $300,000. The insurance companies alleged that he should never have been paid, citing to videotape evidence of the client engaging in physical activity allegedly inconsistent with his disability.

The prior attorney advised the client to settle the case by “walking away”; i.e., he would drop his lawsuit and the insurance companies would drop their lawsuits and no money would change hands.  The client initially agreed to accept this $0 outcome and the prior attorney informed the insurance companies that the case was settled.

The client spoke with our firm and changed his mind. He switched attorneys and hired us. We fought against the settlement and had to engage in legal motions because the insurers wanted to enforce the deal. We succeeded in defeating the enforce-ability of the alleged settlement and the case started over.

We recast the entire case, established the disability and proved that the insurers could not obtain a refund. We got the insurers to drop their $300,000 case and pay $750,000 to our client, amounting to a “$1 million swing.”


Evan S. Schwartz
Founder of Schwartz, Conroy & Hack