$1 Million for Dentist: Without a Root Canal


A dentist who was being paid each month received a letter from the disability insurer terminating his claim.  He wanted to file a lawsuit and he hired our firm.

After a thorough evaluation, we advised the client that he may not need to spend the money on a full blownlawsuit, but rather should have us try to change the insurance company’s decision.  He agreed, and we embarked upon a revamping of the claim.  After obtaining various additional medical reports and making persuasive arguments to the insurance company, they reversed course, send a check for all arrears.  They now pay $9,000 a month, which will continue for the rest of our client’s life, totaling more than $1 million — all without a root canal.


Evan S. Schwartz
Founder of Schwartz, Conroy & Hack