Thinking about Filing a Claim for Long-Term Disability?

Long-Term Disability

For more than 25 years the lawyers of our firm have successfully counseled physicians, professionals, and individuals from all walks of life with the filing of their long-term disability claims. We understand the provisions and terms of all individual and/or group long-term disability policies and we take the necessary steps with our clients to ensure their claims are properly filed with the best possible chance of success.

Before filing a claim for long-term disability benefits it is important to understand the provisions and terms contained in your individual and/or group disability policy. 

Evaluating Your Policy

We begin with a detailed evaluation of your long-term disability policy. Is your long-term disability policy a private policy? Is it a group policy you have acquired through your employer? What is the definition of total disability in your policy? Does your individual policy have a lifetime benefit or is your benefit payable to age 65, 67, or social security retirement age? Does your individual and/or group policy provide for an “Own-Occupation” definition of total disability? Does the Own-Occupation period endure through the entirety of your claim or is it limited to a set period of time? Does your policy provide for partial (or residual) disability benefits? And if your policy does provide for residual disability benefits, how is your Pre-Disability Monthly Income calculated? What is the definition of partial-residual disability in your policy? What are the financial benchmarks you need to attain to qualify for a partial-residual disability benefit? Can you work in a new occupation under your policy and still receive your total disability benefits under your policy?

Understanding the Medical Support Your Claim Needs

Equally as important is understanding what medical support you need to ensure the success of your claim for disability benefits under your policy. Do you have a diagnosis or multiple diagnoses? Are your doctors supportive of your claim and willing to fill out the necessary paperwork? Does your doctor have the proper specialty needed to justify your claim? If you have multiple conditions, what are the disabling conditions that need to be the focus of your claim, and which doctors need to support them?

Putting It All Together

These questions and others form the core of our firm’s strategic analysis and determination of how to maximize the success of your claim and payment of your benefits. We have successfully represented individuals insured under policies issued by Unum, Paul Revere Life Insurance Company, Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company, Principal Financial Group, The Equitable Life Insurance Company, Guardian Life Insurance Company, Berkshire Life Insurance Company, Northwestern Mutual, Mass Mutual, Metropolitan Life, Hartford Life Insurance Company, Standard Life Insurance Company, Ameritas Life Insurance Company, and Prudential Life Insurance Company, among others. 

After 25-plus years, we can tell you that for the best chance of success, it all starts with first contacting our firm and then reviewing your policy.

If you are contemplating filing a claim for total or partial-residual disability benefits under your individual or group disability policy, your first call is to Schwartz, Conroy & Hack, PC.